Rangers Taking Action at Penang for Climate Advocacy

23rdNovember 2019 (Saturday) – In partnership with Penang Think City for their Climate Action Week, GParks Ranger was involved with a series of activities to raise public awareness on climate change through simple green practices. The main focus of the engagement is to share the concept of climate discourse using experiential learning. 

There’s several activities for one to participate in, these are:- 

  • Experiment depicting the melting of ice caps due to the rise of temperature resulting in the rise of sea level 
  • Seed bombs making using recycled paper pulp into easy portable for replantation
  • Making of Kodedama for young greenies to start urban gardening
  • Taking a pledge on taking climate actions to safeguard our Mother Earth

Rangers learnt the melting of ice caps and rise of sea level using STEM 

The making of seed bombs using recycled paper pulps and floral seeds

Getting our hands dirty in the making of kokedama from scratch

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