Partnering with The Sea Monkey Project, the rangers had a glimpse on how plastic would impact our environment through a series of hands-on activities. The rangers are introduced ways of how to identify different categories of plastic that is used commonly in our daily life, and which can be reused and recycled. They found out that only PET 2 and PET 5 are the categories that can be recycled, whereas the others generally sent to a landfill! 

Later on, these plastics are then cleaned and shredded into bits that will be used to melt into a mold of turtle figurines. Through polishing and trimming the figurines, it then can be used as an ornament that serves as a reminder to be conscious of our plastic consumption! Lastly, everyone received a comic-style workbook that will guide through the life of a family voyaging the ocean, and their challenge in advocating for plastic waste management. Let’s all be conscious about our waste and it’s impact on our environment!

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