On 23rd of August 2020, under the GPark Rangers (GPR) program, EcoKnights conducted a KLEFFlix KIDS for Kids film screening in which animated films and educational based films are screened digitally for our Rangers. The digital film screening sessions were conducted to continue GPR’s educational engagement while taking care of the safety of the Rangers during the Covid-19 situation. With the theme of ‘rainforest’ the purpose of the film screening is to educate the Rangers in a way where it is entertaining and enjoyable for them, so that by the end of the session, they learned something, and enjoyed themselves.

It is important that the content we curate for our Rangers fit in with the core values of GPark Rangers, which are environmental awareness, pro-environmental actions, and heroes of the environment. Keeping this in mind, a Zoom film-screening party was hosted with 30 Rangers aged 5 to 12 years old, joined by their parents. During the Zoom session, we interacted with the Rangers by having Q&A sessions, as well as asking them about their input and how they’re enjoying themselves. 

A sense of connectedness with the Rangers and the parents from the comfort of their home, GPark Rangers is really a family of people who care about the environment and intent on making sure their children; the inheritors of the planet  understand that as well. There was no end to the Rangers’ muse and curiosity and EcoKnights is happy to be able to accommodate that.

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