On the 7thDec 2019 (Saturday) – All streams, rivers, and lakes are very important, they are the lifeblood of the environment. To enhance the rangers understanding of rivers, a total of 38 participants joined the half-day river field trip, located at Taman Warisan Klang Gate. There were two activities conducted throughout the journey, i.e. River Exploration and DIY Water Filter System. The aim of this field trip was to allow the rangers to explore the river (mainly the upstream ecosystem of Klang River) through water testing, identifying invertebrates and open classroom-style experiential learning in the natural setthing.

 In River Exploration three methods were applied to monitor the river quality;

  • Physical Monitoring
  • Chemical Monitoring
  • Biological Monitoring

In physical monitoring, the rangers used their four senses: sight, hearing, smell and touch to observe the river and its surrounding. Water samples were taken from the river to carry out chemical monitoring of the six parameters of water quality testing. The parameters were dissolved oxygen, pH level, nitrate, phosphate, turbidity and temperature; in which each represents the indicator of a healthy river. The rangers (and parents!) were most excited about biological monitoring where they had the most fun going into the water searching for invertebrate animals. Different types of water-borne insects and small fishes were present as well. Using the capture and release method, the rangers were taught about the importance of the existence of wildlife and well-preserved environment which are crucial for their survival.

Last but not least, in conjunction of World Soil Day on the 5th Dec annually, a simple DIY Water Filter System workshop was conducted to raise awareness on the importance of soil management in sustaining healthy ecosystems and human well-being. The DIY water filter uses recycled plastic bottles which were filled with layers consisting of charcoal, gravel, coffee filter, clay and sand that plays different roles in filtering different substances in dirty water. By using natural materials that resembles the water cycle of the Earth, the rangers learned the process of infiltration whereby nature act as a giant filter that keeps our water source clean and readily available, if we all protect it together always!

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