GParks Ranger Taking a Stroll Together at Bunus Fun Walk for River

On it’s second year, Bunus Fun Walk for River (BFW4R) is a community-based river restoration effort which aims to raise public awareness on river conservation so that the public can safeguard our riverine ecosystem. The BFW4R offers ranges of fun activities for from all walks of life to learn about tips and practices about our river, which enable public to enjoy the Sungai Bunus and its vicinity in the long run. There’s several checkpoints activity such as mud balls, seed bomb, nature photography etc. for all participants to learn and explore. A simple   water testing workshops was conducted to share simple sampling techniques to analyze component in our water. The analyzed components were dissolve oxygen, PH, temperature, turbidity, nutrients (phosphorus and nitrate) and of any introduced pollutants, such as pesticides, metals, and oil etc.

This experiment allows the ranger to learn about quality of the water. It is very important for the participants to better differentiate clean water and polluted water using tests. All participants were given a folded microscope to kickstart they journey in getting more opportunities to understand our water bodies!

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