After taking a long break, finally GParks Ranger are back with another exciting online workshop after the RMO (Restriction Movement Order) due to pandemic COVID-19. On 8th of August 2020, GParks Ranger had successfully conducted an online workshop which is Rainforest in a Jar. The workshop took place digitally as we are highly concerned of the risk and health condition of our Rangers, therefore, we had conducted it via Zoom Platform by using any gadgets they have at home. In total 30 Junior Ranger (5-8 years old) and their parents had participated in the workshop where they were given a chance to create their own mini rainforest and also learn the importance in preserving our rainforest. 


The workshops are mainly to provide the Junior Rangers better understanding of our rainforest and show them the structure of it to them. They were being teached on how to make the rainforest in a jar together with the trainer during live sessions. During the session, the Junior Rangers were mostly excited and following the instructions given by the trainer in creating the mini rainforest excellently. Most of them were engaging and fast learners!


The Junior Ranger were able to make the mini rainforest at the end of the session together with the help from their lovely parents. Most of them were very delighted with the final product of it and showing it to us happily before we ended our live session together with them.  We have some footage from the previous live session, let’s take a look at it together!

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