23RD & 30TH March 2019, Kuala Lumpur – Initiative by Gamuda Parks in partnership with EcoKnights, continued their outreach program by organizing monthly workshops for the Junior Rangers under the Gamuda Parks (GParks) Ranger program. 
On the 23rd of March, Gamua Parks facilitated the Kids Terrarium workshop for 32 enthusiastic Junior Rangers. The kids learned the importance of practicing small green habits such as planting succulents, which can impart a long-lasting positive impact to the environment. Meanwhile, on the 30th of March, 25 little rangers learned how to build their own wooden lamp with Me.reka Makerspace. The young crafters learned a thing or two about woodworking and electronics through the art of upcycling.
The GParks Rangers crafted their own terrariums for a greener Planet!
The GParks Rangers learned about woodworking and electronics by building their own wooden lamp!

In line with the brown-themed awareness campaign by Gamuda Parks, the curious souls gained substantial knowledge on how to consume, utilize, reuse, upcycle and preserve the finite source materials of Earth. It is imperative that environmental education is nurtured at a young age and through these fun workshops, the young rangers are exposed to the notions of environmental protection and conservation.

To all parents out there, if you have small children between the age of 5 to 12 years, you may register them as GParks Ranger and be among the lucky ones to participate in these environment-themed workshops for free. We welcome new Junior Rangers every day and you may register your children at the following link: 

Our April workshop is coming soon so keep yourself updated by following us on social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)! If you are interested or have any inquiries about the GParks Ranger program, you may reach us through email at or contact us at +6 (03) 7731 8361

Gamuda Parks (GParks) Ranger program is an initiative by Gamuda Land to support Gamuda Parks by generating awareness through biodiversity approach. The GParks Ranger community comprises of young children (age 5 – 12 years) with the given title, Junior Ranger in which the role commits them to care for Mother Nature. The GParks Ranger program aims to instil environmental awareness, nurture pro-environmental actions and foster ‘little ambassadors of the environment’ among the Junior Rangers.