GPR Field Trip: A Day on the Farm

On 27th of July, 44 rangers and their parents learned about sustainable agriculture through a morning of fun-filled and educational activities, which included a tour of the farm, bamboo cooking, peanut planting, duck-feeding, flower crown-making, farmed-themed games, and a black soldier fly composting workshop. Through seeing and experiencing the farm first-hand, the participants became more aware of their food source and production, and the need for a more sustainable food system.

The Art of the Kokedama

On 30th of June, 36 Junior Rangers joined this simple but engaging workshop. Kokedama, or the Japanese “moss ball”, is a creative way of displaying houseplants, which not only creates a greener living space but also improves indoor air quality. While many of the parents seemed even more eager to learn and create their own Kokedama than their kids, hopefully, the Kokedama which each child brought home will be a beautiful reminder of the importance of a green Mother Earth!

Gamuda Parks International Day for Biological Diversity

On the 28th of May, the Junior Rangers of GParks together with their parents attended the celebration for the International Biological Diversity Day by Gamuda Parks in collaboration with UiTM LADS (Perak), NASOM and EcoKnights. Held at Menara Gamuda, PJ Trade Centre, some of the activities that were joined by the rangers include the DIY Kid-made Sugar Scrubs, Natural Dye-painting, Seedling 101 and a story-telling session by children’s book author, Arisha Akhir.

GParks Ranger DIY Soap-Making Workshop

On 27th April 2019, 26 Junior Rangers attended the DIY Soap-making Workshop, facilitated by EcoKnights. The children learned how to recycle and repurpose used cooking oil into homemade soaps. The workshop aims to shed some light on the proper disposal of used cooking oil in order to prevent water pollution and help preserve the river ecosystems. 

GParks Ranger Kids Composting Workshop

On 20th April 2019, the Junior Rangers attended the Kids Composting Workshop, facilitated by EcoKnights. They learned about the fun of composting and its great impact on the environment. Other than reducing the amount of food waste going into the landfills, the compost is a great fertilizer for home gardens. 


Initiative by Gamuda Parks in partnership with EcoKnights​​, with the support from Gamuda Gardens held a water-themed carnival to spread public awareness towards water conservation. Activities include Green Market, mudball-making, water quality testing and film screening.


Initiative by Gamuda Parks in partnership with EcoKnights, supported by Gamuda Gardens, organized a soil-themed brown awareness campaign on the 26th & 27th January 2019. Activities include seedbomb workshop, paper kite-making workshop, giant games, a kite design exhibition and Earthworm maze.


A total of 32 GParks Rangers have participated in the kids terrarium workshop. The young rangers learned how to build their own mini terrarium and have gained knowledge on sustainability.


25 GParks Rangers attended the upcycled wooden lamp workshop by Me.reka Makerspace on 30th of March. The rangers picked up some skills on woodworking, upcycling and handling electronics as they learned to assemble a three-pin plug and built their first table lamp.