1. What is Gamuda Parks (GParks) Ranger program?

Gamuda Parks (GParks) Ranger program is an initiative by Gamuda Land to support Gamuda Parks by generating awareness through biodiversity approach. The GParks Ranger community comprises of young children (age 5 – 12 years) with the given title, Junior Ranger and the role commits them to care for mother nature. The GParks Ranger program aims to instill environmental awareness, nurture pro-environmental actions and foster little ‘ambassadors of the environment’ among the Junior Rangers.

2. How to become a Junior Ranger?

It’s easy! Parents just have to register online and that is it! Just follow these simple steps:

1. Parents create an account at the Login page

2. Fill in the registration form and click ‘Sign Up’

Congratulations, your child is a Junior Ranger!

3. How can my child participate in GParks Ranger programs?

We constantly organize nature-themed activities for the Junior Rangers. Just visit our Events page to check out on the latest and upcoming GParks Ranger programs! Then, follow these steps to take part in an activity:

  • Go to the Events page (user must be logged in)
  • Select an activity (e.g. GParks Ranger workshop) either by clicking on the event poster or click ‘View Details’
  • Select on the number of child and click ‘Apply Now’
  • Fill in the necessary details and click ‘Proceed to Finalize Registration’
  • Keep an e-copy of the receipt as proof of application

Kindly note that a few of our activities have limited number of seats. In this case, please take note of your status of application in the receipt. Once selected for an activity, your status of application will change from ‘Awaiting Approval’ to ‘Approved’. You will be notified via email. Please keep an e-copy of the receipt as proof upon arrival on event day.

4. What are the benefits of becoming a Junior Ranger?

The Junior Rangers gain the opportunity to participate in a variety of nature-themed programs such as workshops, roadshows, eco field trip and more! The foundation of the programs is to educate and inculcate the Junior Rangers with the notion of environmental protection and conservation at a young age. Visit our News and Gallery page to find out more about our previous activities with the Junior Rangers!