"Gamuda Parks is a landscape initiative by Gamuda Land that promotes a sustainable and well-balanced approach to implementation and management of all park land environment in Gamuda Land developments; safeguarding the well being of not only humans but biodiversity as well."

GParks Rangers are young ambassadors to promote environmental quality to benefit Earth.
In addition to regular news updates, GParks Rangers will receive exclusive invitations to Gamuda Parks Nature Workshops and Programs free of charge.

The objectives of the gparks ranger are :

To promote nature to younger generation and to generate awareness within them.
To create a positive platform by fostering pro-environmental actions and demystify environmental management.
To foster confidence and creativity among GParks Rangers through nature-inspired activities and spread environmental awareness to their family and friends; becoming young ambassadors.


Introducing Lugo – a flying lemur. It moves gracefully through the jungle canopy and can often be seen clinging to the trunks of trees. If you are lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of Lugo gliding between the forest trees in Gamuda Gardens.
Lugo is chosen as the GParks Ranger mascot because of its energetic and fun personality. So full of curiosity; Lugo loves to explore and make new discoveries – just like the spirit of our GParks Rangers.
Register your children as GParks Ranger now and say ‘Hi!’ to Lugo!