On the 1st of February, GParks Rangers had partnered with the oldest environmental NGO, Malaysian Nature Society to host a Young Entomologist workshop at their Nature Education Centre at FRIM, Kepong. A total of 27 rangers and their parents took part in this workshop where they learnt about how to identify and classify insects by looking at their external characters in general. 

In this workshop the participants were taught on insects’ characteristics, their ecological significance and key roles in balancing our ecosystem. The rangers were exciting and had brought up many intriguing questions during the showcasing of the samples of insect specimens.The explanation and sharing session ended smoothly and right away proceeded catching insects around the NEC area using simple tools such as nets and containers. 

With the help of their parents, the rangers tried their best to capture the insects gently and placed it in a small container for further observations. Everyone was thrilled as most of them made first encounter of many insects whom they didn’t saw before, which then enable them to learn and identify them through unique characteristics, eventually sharing their findings with the group! Don’t worry, all captured insects were released back to their natural habitat and continued their journey on Earth. 

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